Karl-Heinz Klopf

CHECK IN / OUT – 20:00–23:00

Za Moca Foundation, Tokyo
(with Dorit Margreiter)


Karl-Heinz Klopf and Dorit Margreiter put on an event intended as something between a performance and an exhibition. The artists used the rooms that were made available by the Za Moca Foundation for three hours as the thematic parameters of their project. In its form, each element reflected a theme connected with the existing “space” in Tokyo. For example, the invitations had the form of Japanese coupons, which provide access to many everyday necessities of urban life, such as money, communication, transport, rooms etc. The cards had different designs to document the different accesses to urban structure and space. A billboard in the entrance of the Za Moca Foundation was used as an element of the urban structure and served as an allusion to the use of the building both concretely and abstractly—virtually as a city in compressed form. Throughout the building, an endless tape played applause from live concerts that mingled with the noise of the some 200 visitors and the surrounding city during the three hours.

(Check In/Out, 20.00–23.00, 1996; plastic cards, digital prints, audiotape, amplifier; Za Moca Foundation, Tokyo; February 11, 1996)

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