Karl-Heinz Klopf


4th Biennial on Media and Architecture, Graz


At the invitation of the Medien- und Architekturbiennale Graz, Klopf created a display for the presentation of the video (Environments (1998). In it, he responded to the special conditions of the former Thalia cinema in Graz from the sixties. The artist built a platform at sitting height over an existing, rotating dance floor. Around the base he placed three monitors that ran the video. Visitors could sit on the rotating platform with wireless headphones, listen to the stories told by Net users about their experiences with the Internet, and allow their gaze to rove from monitor to monitor.

(Environments at Disc Site, 1999; video, 3 monitors, rotating platform of wood and wall-to-wall carpet, neon light, headphones, 90 x 500 x 500 cm; 4th Media and Architecture Biennial Graz)

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