Karl-Heinz Klopf


Parasite Art Space, Hong Kong
(with Sigrid Kurz)


At the group exhibition Re-Considering Crossings, curated by Norman Jackson Ford for the Parasite Art Space in Hong Kong, Karl-Heinz Klopf and Sigrid Kurz showed the computer animation Studio (2000), the interactive media piece Screen Test : In Space (2001) and the photograph Script (2001). All these works are linked together and make up the set for the question: Where are we under which conditions? The long, low exhibition room, painted black, proved to be the ideal setting for this arrangement.

(Hong Kong Set, 2002; c-print, computer animation, projector, Flash interactive media, computer, bamboo mat, cushion, 650 x 220 x 190 cm; exhibition Re-Considering Crossings, Parasite Art Space, Hong Kong; January 15–February 9, 2002)

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