Karl-Heinz Klopf


Galerie im Stifterhaus, Linz


In this exhibition at the Galerie im Stifterhaus, Karl-Heinz Klopf combined his various works on the subject of the “square.” The project consisted of four parts: the tarpaulin object Hauptplatz (1993) which shows the situation of the university on the main square where the artist had studied; the mural with the word “Platz” around a pillar in the gallery; the video Platz (1992) with the view from the Tour Montparnasse in Paris of various squares in the surrounding area; the posters in the urban space.

(Platz [Square], 1994; video, acrylic paint, “Planobjekt”, event in the city; Galerie im Stifterhaus, Linz; February 22–March 24, 1994)

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