Karl-Heinz Klopf


Location: Childrens Hospital, Linz / Austria
Completion: 1997


This spatial intervention in the foyer of the operating wing of the Landeskinderklinik [Children’s Hospital] in Linz was the result of a competition. Klopf placed a translucent sheet of glass into an existing niche in the wall. Using a silk-screen printing process, a still from a television film on micro-organic cells was applied to the glass surface. The glass, lit artificially from behind, is coupled with a daylight-sensitive sensor. The picture therefore appears in varying intensities.

(Silk-screen print on glass, fluorescent lamps with daylight-sensitive sensor, 187 x 583 cm; Landeskinderklinik, Linz; architecture: Gerhard Fischill, Walter Hutter, Rüdiger Stelzer / Linz)

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