Karl-Heinz Klopf


Location: Quartier Riedenburg, Salzburg
Completion: 2020


The starting point for the design of Reed was the history and the name of the Riedenburg district. Till the beginning of the 18th century this close to the city area was part of the Leopoldskron marshland, overgrown with reed. Reed refers to this past landscape, which is also inscribed in the name of the new residential area: Quartier Riedenburg. Like finds from long ago and mutated over the centuries, fragments of the reed reappear in a topical shape. As a vertically structured relief, Reed forms a symbiotic relationship with the architecture of the new residential area.

Two Reed-reliefs mark the two approaches from Neutorstraße to the Quartier Riedenburg. They can also be considered as a new interpretation of the emblems and sculptures often seen above gateways, portals and on historic facades in the city of Salzburg.

(Reed, 2020; powder-coated aluminum, 470 x 824 cm, 470 x 470 cm; Quartier Riedenburg, Salzburg; architecture: Schwarzbach Struber Architekten, Fally plus Partner Architekten)

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