Karl-Heinz Klopf


Location: Auwiesen, Linz / Austria
Execution: 2009 (temporary); Normality, Festival of Regions


At various places in the area of the Auwiesen housing estate, red mobile markers made of truck tarpaulin material were found, similar to directional arrows or signposts, whose meaning remained unclear. In a literal and figurative sense, they motivated people to re-mark familiar paths and to use the urban environment differently than before. Inspired by the psychogeographic plan The Naked City by the French situationist Guy Debord (1931-1994), Karl-Heinz Klopf continued his preoccupation with the basic elements of urban spaces in the south of Linz. With this work, the artist returned to places of his childhood and youth, which he spent—living next door in the quarter “Neue Heimat“—roaming around the then still undeveloped "Auwiesen".

(Naked City; tarpaulin, various dimensions; Festival of Regions; Auwiesen, Linz, 2009)

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