Karl-Heinz Klopf


Video, stereo, 37 min


By analyzing the architectural, sociological and cultural components Karl-Heinz Klopf reflects on the urban tactics in Taiwan, looking into the phenomenon of one of the most visible informal businesses: the betel nut shops.

Betel nut business is a result of the extremely fast economic development in the second half of the last century and its necessity to handle this situation. Existing buildings were illegally expanded in all directions, which was tolerated due to the need for production and storage spaces. Living rooms suddenly became factories. The "family as a factory" was a promotion slogan. Mobile makeshift constructions emerged for the selling of everything possible. Probably the most culturally interesting and particular sector is betel nut shops, which developed out of the new marketing strategies for betel nuts. A new independent culture emerged that mirrors various different regional and global influences.


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