Karl-Heinz Klopf


HD, stereo, 30 min


The film Plan allows an unique insight into the atmosphere of three architects’ offices in Beijing.

The architect's office as a micro ambience with its functional interiors, the computers, material samples, models, the clothing and the accessories of the people working there create a "style ensemble", which, in a certain way, can be seen as a suggestive matrix for future designs and forms of buildings.

Plan shows close ups of people and their gestures, immersed in their work in stringent spatial conditions and in tight connection with devices and programs.

Internal conferences and discussions with clients are watched in detail while miniature-like narrations are developed.

Together with the interior sounds, the foreignness of the language and the noise of the city an ambivalent spatial-cultural localization of the event is conveyed.

The film Plan traces possibilities, how a city and its society, which is about to newly define itself, could be imagined through the gaze at the milieu of the architect's office.

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