Karl-Heinz Klopf


HD, stereo, 35 min
Best Short Documentary Diagonale 11


They is a film concerning a municipal area in North Liverpool, which has suffered an extreme drop in population. The area is one of the lowest socio-economic areas in England, which used to be an active, highly populated community but has mostly been demolished and replaced by an unused hilly park which extends over much of the district.

The surrounding neighbourhoods are fighting for the solidarity of their remaining communities and at the same time they are in search of a new identity and better conditions.

They precisely addresses this issue, whilst also developing its own narration which leads to a more abstract and transformative approach to how the landscape of this place may be viewed.

Karl-Heinz Klopf is interested in this hybrid exploration, which operates on many levels, and which allows him to discuss, and bring to light, complex, conflicting and sometimes obscure incidents.

They was commissioned by Liverpool Biennial

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